Agency Power Kia Stinger GT 3.3 TT V6 Valvetronic Exhaust System

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The new Kia Stinger GT is the perfect platform for modifications. Being a 3.3 twin turbo V6, there is a variety of parts you can upgrade right away. One of the biggest modifications on a forced induction vehicle is the exhaust. Who doesn't want to hear the glorious spool of the two Garrett turbochargers tucked under the hood of this beast? Well at Agency Power, we have engineered a full cat-back exhaust for those who are looking to let their engine breathe more efficiently.

Since this exhaust is a valvetronic system, it allows you to open up secondary pipes routed through the outer tips. Opening this system up gives you practically double the flow and double the volume. With this system flowing at maximum potential, the sound is aggressive yet refined enough for city driving.

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Mandrel Bent
  • Tig Welded
  • CNC Cut Flanges
  • 2.5 Inch I.D.
  • 2018- Present Kia Stinger GT 3.3 TT V6