Boomba Rear racing Engine Mount

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Introducing Boomba Racing's all new Rear Motor Mount for the Veloster/Elantra GT/Forte GT. This mount is beautifully CNC machined from 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum, right here in our Wood Dale, Il manufacturing headquarters. Our mount features molded in polyurethane bushings, not pressed in bushings like our competitors. This leads to a much more durable motor mount, since the collar can not rotate in the bushing and cause friction. This mount helps to stabilize the engine during launches, hard acceleration, and aggressive turns. By stabilizing the engine, you reduce wheel hop drastically which leads to more efficient power transfer to the ground. 

We've chosen to implement 80 Durometer bushings with this mount, we find it is the perfect middle ground between comfort and performance. The 80 Durometer bushings help to absorb excessive vibrations, while still aiding in putting the power to the ground without insane amounts of wheel hop. 

Installation is very simple and straight forward, there is no need to support the engine. 

These mounts are available in 4 colors! (Black, Blue, Red, and Natural Aluminum)