1.4 Multiair Upgraded Springs

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Fiat MultiAir 1.4 turbo is known for its weakness due to the MultiAir operation.

We over at Tork Motorsports have addressed this and we are happy to introduce our solution to the MultiAir problem.

The MultiAir spring replacement is a simple task that can be done in a day. The springs themselves addresses the issue with power control up top and boost loss at redline. This doesn’t mean that the springs are going to give you additional boost (they might) nor that the springs will fix a bad tune. The springs simply make the mid range power and top end power stronger due to a more complete fill of the combustion chambers with more air.

To explain what these do, it would take several pages. So, we are going to go with the simple description of what these do. The MA spring controls the hydraulic piston for the open and close events on the intake valve. This spring can reach a spring float in higher RPM causing some issues with MA piston control. If the hydraulic pistons doesn’t come all the back, and get pressed all the way into the MA body, then you lose lift on the intake valves. This spring is stiffer than the factory spring, thus allowing the hydraulic piston to recover faster, allowing for more oil to get compressed, thus allowing the intake valve to open more. We have a video here: https://youtu.be/tjsVwel1Pzc

What you get with this kit, is 4 MultiAir springs, that have been tested, developed and have proven HP/TQ gains. These springs are made from a similar or “like” valve spring material. You cannot go out and buy 4 springs and have them do the same thing. We took the time to develop the springs for this application. They have been tested to 7400 RPM and have shown to make even greater gains in horsepower the higher you rev the engine. The springs have to be tempered and have a operational life into the millions of cycle uses. This was not easy to find, due to spring stock for what we needed was too big for our application (valve spring wire is much thicker than the MA wire). After several phone calls and many hours of talking with the engineers at different spring company’s, we finally found one that we trusted to make the springs to our specifications.

There has been a lot of debate about the springs, and we are happy to say that we have not heard a single negative complaint from our beta test group.

Dart 1.4T Customer:

From the moment I got these from John, I couldn’t want to install them. I purchased another MultiAir brick to install these upgraded springs into (to make the install go quicker). Overall the install was seamless and easy using the video provided by John (YouTube). From there I removed the old brick and not using the special tool from Fiat/Dodge, I was easily able to install the new one with the upgraded springs inside of it. Once the ECU had adjusted, the fun began. Almost instantly the there was a difference in mid range and top end power (noticeable increase). The engine runs smoother at idle and responds to throttle input better in the upper RPM band. I have a XX (removed name of tune company) tune and there is less power cutting with their tune now. Overall, this is a must have upgrade for any Dodge Dart 1.4T or any 1.4 Turbo Fiat engine.

Fiat 124 Spider Customer:

I really wasn’t expecting much from these springs, I was wrong. The increase in torque down low was very noticeable. The mid range became much less “laggy” feeling. Almost like a tune with more timing was added to the car. Absolutely a great value for the $$$

Fiat 500T Customer:

I got the four springs from John and thought… these are not going to work. The install was fairly easy, took around 4 hours from start to finish using hand tools and taking some pictures. After the install was done, I started the car and instantly noticed it was running smoother. I called John, asked him if this was normal, he assured me it was. After the car was up to temp, I pulled out of the driveway and not expecting any changes to how the car drove, I was wrong. The throttle seemed more responsive, so much that I did a little burnout when leaving. Driving around for the next hour trying to get the car to go into limp mode, I have to say, I am impressed. Part throttle, full throttle, parking lot throttle, no matter where I placed the throttle the car seemed to accelerate harder than before. There is more usable power everywhere in the RPM range of the engine. After the drive talked with John, he shared some details with me about the springs and said something that stuck with me. He said, “If you had to compare which gave you more power, the $400 intake that you bought or the $100 springs, which one would it be?” I installed the intake a year ago and clearly remember that it added nothing to the butt dyno and when compared to the springs, its not even a fair comparison. The springs added by far more butt dyno results than the intake. For the money spent, the springs are worth every cent spent on them.

******Gasket Kit and filter option comes with*******
Valve cover gasket
4 spark plug tube seal gaskets
Multi Air gasket
Multi air filter


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