About Us

Well this is the ABOUT US but in all reality it’s about you? Let me explain…

When we opened Damn Fast Daily Driver in 2002 we had one thing in mind, customer service. During that time I have realized that you can have no web site, or 10 of them. If you offer no customer service then you get upset customers even if you have the “look” of customer service. Word of mouth has built Damn Fast Daily Driver to what it is today and we did that through customer service. It takes 3 times as many happy customers to get the word out about a great company versus upset customers. Since most people rarely ever tell others about how great one company treated them but 75% of most customers that have a bad experience are more then happy to tell others about it. Silly, yes it is but it’s still a fact of doing business and dealing with people.

So what have we done different? We listen to the customer, offer advice, and when needed go that extra mile to resolve the problem/help. Now you may say “what's different about that?” and we will say “we take the time” to do those things and many more to keep the customer happy. Now we have our limits of what we can and can not do, fixing a car on the phone or trying to “tune” your car is not possible over the phone but we will help when we can.

Now with all this customer service you need to know that the person working on your car is good at what they do, that would be me and the people that I hire (read on).

I have been working on cars since I was 14 (first head gasket on an MG) and from there it was dirt bikes, lawn mowers, and cars, cars cars. I have 4000 hours of DCX training (Dodge, Jeep, and Chrysler), Ford SVT specialist with over 2000 hours of training, ASE master tech for 8 years, and several specialty certifications that I have collected over the years (15 and counting). Now I have learned that having all the training in the world doesn’t make a person a great tech, it’s the applications (different areas of the car that someone can work on) that you specialize in that make you a great tech. There is not one area of a car that intimidates me and I can train others to feel the same while being efficient in getting the parts on the car. I have been a transmission overhaul tech, engine overhaul, water leak specialist, electronics (both power train, and basic electronics), A/C and heater controls, drive train (differential and all types of drivelines), brakes (ABS and non ABS systems), and all types of emissions controls.

So you now have the info about Damn Fast Daily Driver’s people and our customer goals. Why would you want to bring your car to us? Well if we have not answered that for you then read on.

Any and all parts that we sell and install have to go through me personally before we sell them. Most of the parts that are made by Damn Fast Daily Driver are fabricated by me or I have a hand in the fabrication of said part. This means that you get the best tested, checked and fabricated part for your car and that means I can offer warranties on performance parts. (What did he say, WARRANTY on performance parts?) Yes a warranty on performance parts against defects of workmanship/build. 99% of most manufactures have no warranty of speed parts, I think that is foolish. If a part is used, built and designed properly it will not fail, even under racing conditions. Wear out yes, but not out right fail and if it does fail we replace it (some restrictions apply).

So you have the experience, customer service, and handshake warranty. What else could you want? Fabrication, free parts (not even we can do that), peace on earth? The first one I can handle but the other 2, I just can not find the money or the time to address.

Our fabrication shop has all the tools to support just about any build of any part (limited to shop size). We have the tools, experience, and staff to build your custom twin turbo set up or fabricate you a nice tube bumper out of stainless steel. There are many fabrications shops to choose from but not all the tools to make the part “perfect” (see above on me handling every part).

A lot of shops have a shop car as we do to, but we don’t advertise a whole bunch with it.

Here’s why.
Lets say you have a Ford GT mustang shop car (example vehicle) and it made 550 WHP and posted everywhere about said car (online, other forums, home page, other manufactures sties that you used there parts on the car, ECT.). Now you have customers coming to you shop for the same thing and why not. But here is the problem with that, not every car is the same, most shops push the envelope of reliability to get big numbers, and now your customers want the same set up but complain about the drivability or parts that keep breaking. How does that help your customer service when parts keep breaking and drivability sucks for the most part? It doesn’t. So what we do is let the customers push their cars to what we feel is safe (for the most part) and what the customer feels is safe, then post those results. Now you have unbiased results for said part on said car and a customer that is more than happy with the results because we didn't say “you will get xxx HP from said modifications” (mustang being the example here). This way you get “real” results and not shop hyped numbers.

Well that’s about it, if you still don’t feel that Damn Fast Daily Driver would be your best choice I would suggest you look around to see if any others offer much more.

John with Damn Fast Daily Driver