1.6 Oil pan Upgrade

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Really Hyundai? Put a 1.6 turbo engine inside a car that can take corners and let the sump run dry?

Our solution to the 1.6 Hyundai engine "dry gulp" oiling system. We have a kit that drops the oil pan to allow that extra volume and anti-slosh quality so you can corner your car and use it on the track without worry of the engine oiling system running dry.

We have only seen a few engines that have shown signs of running dry and out of all them they have been ran up hill, hard in a corner (long corner) or tansversing through a chicane that have shown signs of the crank getting hot and bearings getting spun.

The spacer is made of quality machined billet aluminum, comes with pan spacer, pick up tube spacers and all the necessary bolts to bolt the kit into the car. Also check out the pan and seal options to make the install go super smooth!!!