1.6T Gamma Piston OEM Upgrade

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Another first for Tork Motorsports…

OEM modified and thermal coated pistons.

Why thermal coat? GDI had a very controlled combustion and is very thermally stable, but the stock cast pistons capture a lot of the heat. So to put the heat where is belongs (in the exhaust) we have a CBX thermal coating that puts that heat where it needs to be. We do all control processes in house, blast, bake, and final cure, happen in house. The deflection of the heat will drive the turbo harder and make for a cooler running repeat combustion event (suck, squish, bang, blow).

Why modified OEM pistons?

In 2006 we started development on GDI piston design, in regards to the GDI dome, how it effects power delivery, and combustion events. In that time we have tried domes, dished, GDI ramps, skirt contours, ect. In that time we found that a properly contoured dish resulted in the best knock protection for high horsepower and high boost applications. Taking from the Audi and VW race teams designs, and adjusting it for the bore size, piston speed, and injector cone angle, we feel we have come up with a profile that works.

This profile change and dome reduction end with a static piston compression ratio that is more suited for higher boost and custom tuning options (9.5 to 1 dropped to 8.75 to 1 compression).

Rated for 350 WHP this makes a perfect pair for our modified OEM rods, or Molnar rod upgrades.