1.6T Short Block

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Tork Motorsports budget engine build for your 300 to 350 WHP capable builds. We are happy to bring you a budget option for performance in your 1.6 turbo Hyundai/KIA application. Using brand new engines to bring you a true affordable option.

Budget Engine Build details:
Modified GDI dome OEM pistons with a CR of 10.2 to 1
Beam polishing on OEM rods, with upgraded H11 rod bolts (260,000 psi)
Balanced engine components
Ring gap placed at 300 to 350 horsepower and increased boost levels
Thermal coated piston tops

What we have found from our testing, the removal of the GDI down with the thermal piston top coating, moves the heat out of the piston and creates a combustion environment that is not indicative of LSPI (Low Speed Pre Ignition). The beam polishing on the factory connecting rods removes the stress risers, and helps the rods shed oil. This is what we are going to consider our 300 HP budget engine.

Adding the Molnar rods to the modified OEM pistons, will support 350 WHP. Adding the CP pistons to the Molnar rods will support 400 + WHP. Engine blueprinting we highly recommend for the rod and piston upgrade (Molnar/CP).

The high pressure oil pump is a highly recommended upgrade, we have successfully tested this and we are very happy with the higher oil pressure at idle, and increased oil pressure at redline (75 to 80 psi, vs 60 psi hot oil).

We have developed this engine for those who want a reliable replacement over that of the OEM engines, yet cost the same as an OEM replacement, this is WIN/WIN for everyone.



Once we ship you the short block you purchased you will need to send us your short block back. Once we get your short block back we will refund you $800. Also be aware you will need to send us your core short block back within 30 DAYS of you receiving the engine in order to get the refund. Once you are out of that time window you will no longer get a core charge refund. 


Please allow up to 4-8 week build time..