1.6T Single Oil Catch Can

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Kia and Hyundai did a great job on the factory components for these items, as soon as you start tuning or putting additional modifications on the car its necessary to get a good breather system and OCC install on the car.

In our testing we found that the breather side of the OCC system was more problematic than the PCV side. When driven hard under track conditions we documented oil getting pushed out of the breather side. Oil getting sucking into the turbo and deposits throughout the whole intercooler system will cause all sorts of performance restrictions and power limitations. If you are going to get an oil catch can and only have the funds for one, get one for the breather side.

This particular set up is sold as a single can, or twin can system (see options). We have designed this system to fit in a factory location, with matching lines and optional check valve (if you get the PCV can with it). All the components are included with this system to complete the install.

Please note:

All our OCC and breather cans are baffled and we do not use a drain system on our OCC's/breather cans. You must remove the can's in order to drain the system.

Standard satin black is the PC color, if you wish to get a different color, please contact us.

Single or dual system, this will benefit your 1.6 Turbo Veloster, Forte a great deal and keep it making consistent power always!