1.6T Sleeved Short Block

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This engine is Bored, Honed, Decked and Sleeved to your pistons.

Please contact us about sending in your pistons to have matched to the block.

Please allow a 4-8 week build time.

Fully assembled option is for blue printing, balancing, and final assembly. You must order our pistons, rods, and bearing/gasket kit for complete assembly.

Rated for 600 WHP and we have options for 1000 WHP (please contact us).


Once we ship you the short block you purchased you will need to send us your short block back. Once we get your short block back we will refund you $800. Also be aware you will need to send us your core short block back within 30 DAYS of you receiving the engine in order to get the refund. Once you are out of that time window you will no longer get a core charge refund.