1.6T Tork Pipe

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Looking for an additional 8 to 10 WHP in the upper RPM band? Want your Turbo Veloster to pull harder to redline? Well, a simple 15 minute install and our Tork Pipe will make it all that a reality!!!

The OEM has installed a sound resonator inside your intercooler hot side pipe. This resonator hurts power production and air flow due to the design. Our part replaces the restrictive OEM part and allows you to pick up that little extra in the upper RPM band.

Install is easy, jack up the car... look for the turbo. See the muffler looking thing (silver in color) that has rings around it? Remove the two clamps, and replace it with our Tork Pipe. It will be the easiest mod you have installed on your car!

Note: For the 2nd gen Veloster your gains will be only be from 0-5whp from adding the part to your vehicle with no additional tuning. Tuning is needed in order to gain full potential