Alpha Performance Mercedes-Benz M133 2.0L AMG Downpipe

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The Alpha Performance Mercedes-Benz M133 2.0L AMG Cast Downpipe

The Alpha Mercedes-Benz M133 AMG Cast Downpipes are the best performing and most durable on the market! During testing our shop CLA with our Alpha M133 2.0L AMG Downpipe, Filter, and Alpha M133 Tune our Engine Calibrators saw amazing gains across the power band in both wheel horsepower and torque! The power came on earlier and carried over 100 ft lbs of torque gains from 2900rpm to 4850rpm!!! Turbo spool-up was significantly improved! The long gradual transitions within the cast down pipe section allows exhaust gasses to maintain velocity without a buildup of back pressure inside of the system!

First in Class Durability and Performance From Proper Engineering

Our downpipes perform better and are not prone to cracking like the alternatives offered by the competition. The Alpha Performance CLA45/GLA45/A45 AMG Downpipes feature 4mm thick cast stainless steel upper and lower section to retain as much heat in the down pipe as possible. The competition’s versions have many welded seams which are prone to failure.

By casting these downpipes in robust 304 Stainless Steel we were not limited by the design restraints of hand fabricated construction. The AMS Engineering team utilized Solidworks (3D software) to blueprint the inlet and outlets with smooth features and geometry to optimize exhaust flow. They then 3D printed the down pipe to ensure an OEM level of fitment before casting the very first article!

An Unmistakable Alpha Exhaust Note

The Alpha Performance CLA45/GLA45/A45 AMG Downpipes offer a more pronounced, throaty exhaust note under wide open throttle yet are subtle at idle and while cruising. It’s a perfectly balanced sound for the ultimate, all around, supercar!

The Difference Is In The Details

Another unique benefit is our motorsports catalytic converter option. These GESI brand 300 cell count Ultra High Output (UHO) units provide virtually no disruption in flow providing emissions control with no notable loss in horsepower. For durability these converters feature a staked in design to hold the catalyst cores firmly in place. Many competitors offer a low quality converter option to keep the cost low and profits high. Often, these units fail due to poor construction and inferior materials. When you choose Alpha Performance, you will remain worry-free for years to come.

Be the guy to beat, order your Alpha Performance Mercedes-Benz CLA45/GLA45/A45 AMG Downpipe, Tune, and Filter and unlock the power today!

Exclusive Benefits

  • Big power increases throughout the power band
  • Improved turbo spool and throttle response
  • Cast construction offers added performance and reliability over the competition
  • Throaty exhaust note under wide open throttle but subdued at idle and while cruising
  • Comes complete with form fitted heat shield to keep ambient heat to a minimum
  • Stock like fitment with no chassis clearance issues
  • Bolts up to the stock mid-pipe or most aftermarket systems
  • Precision TIG welded with unrivaled fit and finish
  • Heat shield tastefully logo-ed with burnt titanium logo
  • Available with GESI catalytic converter

Product Notes

  • NOTE: The Alpha M133 2.0L Downpipe flows so much more than stock that an Alpha Performance tune is required. Turbine efficiency is increased due to a larger pressure ratio between exhaust manifold and the Alpha Downpipe!


Kit Instructions

  • Alpha Mercedes-Benz M133 2.0L AMG Downpipe Install Instructions can be downloaded here.



  • W176 2013-2018 Mercedes-Benz A45 AMG
  • C117 2014-2018 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG
  • X156 2014-2019 Mercedes-Benz GLA45 AMG