AMG GLA45/CLA45 Handheld Tuner

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Looking for more horsepower and torque from your GLA/CLA45 AMG Mercedes?

Well, look no further because we have the fastest stock GLA/CLA45 AMG in the nation at 11.98 in the 1/4 mile.

100's of hours of development went into the different tunes we have to offer you for your AMG and the results speak for themselves.

Details on the handheld:

1. Touch screen
2. Color display
3. Rugged
4. Stores factory tune
5. Stores up to 4 different tunes
6. Flash back to stock/tune/valet tune in less than 2 minutes
7. OBDII port connection
8. Custom tuning (at additional cost) available

Its as easy at 1-2-3 to get a great tune, at a great price.

1. Order the handheld with the desired options
2. Read ECU by follow the handheld directions
3. Send email to us (follow the directions)

We send and email back with your tune, load it into the car... and you are done!

We have tunes for most supporting mods making our tune custom compared to the cookie cutter tunes offered by many shops that have OTS maps/tunes (Off The Shelf). Thus, our tunes are made for each person and every modification they have performed on their car.

Requirements are:
Laptop/desktop with Windows XP thru 11 operating system
Will not work with MAC Book or a Tablet.

Tune details:

Tunes ranging from Stage 0 to Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage E85 (all tuning options)
E85 Tuning available
Up to 85+ wheel horsepower gains
Up to 125 + wheel torque gains

Get the full potential from your GLA 45 AMG today!