Corolla E210 Tuning Suite M20A-FKS

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Toyota Corolla Tuning Suite for your E210 

Requirements are:
Laptop/desktop with Windows XP thru 11 operating system
Will not work with MAC Book or a Tablet.

Stage 1 Tune 15 to 20+  horsepower gains.  Best gains can be had with header, intake and full exhaust.  Not required but highly recommended is an intake for your car/engine to optimize Stage 1 Tune. Required minimum fuel octane is 89 octane.

Stage 2 Tune 20 to 25+ horsepower gains, required upgrades are header, exhaust, intake and premium fuel (min 91 octane). We do not recommend running this tune on standard fuel or without these upgrades. 

Note that our tunes are built per customer and per the requests sent back to us at the tuning email (provided with the tuning suite). We are not an "off the shelf map" tuning company, we try to optimize the tune and tune manners to meet that of the customers request. For all intents and purposes, this will be as good as a custom tune. 

Options coming will be:

Launch Control RPM settings for manual trans cars only, sorry CVT customers.

E85 Tuning, this tuning will require that you measure your local E85 ethanol content. You can buy a E85 tester off Amazon, Ebay or anywhere online. When you have identified the ethanol content at the local supplier, we will adjust the tune to meet that fueling requirement. Note... with GDI (gasoline direct injected) engines we highly recommend the use of Power Plus upper cylinder lubricant to keep the GDI pumps, and GDI injectors lubricated. We cannot guarantee tune sustainability or continued use of E85 fuel without this lubricant, run the tune at your own risk without the Power Plus upper cylinder lubricant. 

Pops and Bangs will be sorted for the CVT and manual trans car so that it is safe and of OEM quality in its function and operation.  It will be required to have a cat back exhaust of some sort and our mid pipe to get the full effect/sound of the pops and bangs. We can customize the pops and bangs to meet the drivers/owners needs. This allows us to make the most obnoxious sounds all the time, or we can adjust it so it only happens in the upper RPM band when you want it to happen. This will be explained inside of the email and paperwork we send to you with the tune/tablet. 

This product is designed for racing purposes only, the use of this product on highways public streets, or legal roadways could be deemed illegal. Please run at your own risk.

There are no refunds on tuning hardware, tuning packages, tuning suites, software or anything related to or coming from said purchase. We will deliver the best and most practical tune we feel is safe for your application, fuel, driving habits... understand that sometimes we have to stop the customer from damaging their own engines with unrealistic requests, thus being... we are the tuners, so let us do what we do best!