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Remote tuning for your Hyundai or KIA applications have made it main stream! Yes, if you have just about any KIA or Hyundai gas or diesel engine, we now have remote tuning (e-tuning/email tuning) ready for you and your car. Can we make it even better?

Why, yes we can :)

6 speed, 8 speed and DCT (7 speed) remote tuning is also here! So, we can remote tune your TCU also.

What does this mean? No more sending your ECU/TCU in the mail.
No more down time while waiting for the ECU/TCU to return to you.
Multiple tune storage, you want a pump gas or race gas map... not a problem.
Flash back to stock for dealer visits.
Flash back to stock and resell unit, why not!
Logging ECU for custom tuning.
Code read and reset.
And much more!

If you are NA, turbocharged, supercharged or ??? you want to tune for bigger turbos? Methanol? Race fuel? What can your imagination dream up? We can make it happen.

Welcome to the EK1 Lite, a product produced by SXTH Element Engineering that incorporates every need for custom tuning.

What is it that Tork Motorsports will be offering the KDM community that is different? Here is what we have planned:

OTS maps (off the shelf) $199.00 + EK1 Lite

This option is so you can get a taste of what we have to offer. OTS maps are your basic affordable tunes that are referred to as "generic tunes". This will be loaded from a map database that I have built from previous tunes/testing/verification. These maps are not optimized. Look below for optimized options. No tune revisions with this option (unless you select it from the options list).

Stage 1 $395.00 + EK1 Lite

This tune description is over used in the tuning industry. What is a "Stage 1 Tune"? Its a tune that we optimize for your basic bolt on's. This is what we could call your air intake and exhaust tune. But, if you have additional mods on your car, we can accommodate those also. Stage 1 tunes come with 2 free tune revisions (total of 3 tunes) to accommodate your basic to expansive list of mods.

Stage 1 + $495.00 + EK1 Lite

Again, another over used tune description. However overused it is, we like to refer to this as our optimal tune for the conservative car owner. Stage 1 + is for those who want their mods optimized but taking safety and engine reliability into account first. This tune will give the optimal results, with the optimal safety engineered into it. This is how the factory should have tuned the ECU/TCU for optimal performance on premium fuel. This tune option comes with 2 free tune revisions (total of 3 tunes) and this tune normally requires full bolt on's. Full bolt on's for boosted cars is intake, exhaust, intercooler upgrades, spark plugs, mid pipes, and methanol/ethanol tuning. For NA cars, its can be, intake(s), exhaust, headers, spark plugs, methanol/ethanol tuning.

Stage 2 $695.00 + EK1 Lite

This is where things start to get "saucy'! Stage 2 is putting a little strain on the engine/trans. Stage 2 requires methanol injection or ethanol injection and all the most listed from Stage 1 + and catless/header applications are highly recommended. (please note, we will not disable any emissions devices). Stage 2 is normally reserved for boosted applications, but if you have a NA car running E85 or very aggressive tuning, this is the tune you would want to select.

Stage 2 + $895.00 + EK1 Lite

You are no longer worried about your warranty, and want a fast car that is gunning for records. Its not that we are trying to break your car... its that you are asking us to add upwards of 50% horsepower and torque over stock to your otherwise factory connecting rods and piston engine. This will be pushing hard on the components, and with enough wide open throttle/max boost effort, something will break. Weather it be the clutch that gives out, the axles or the trans/engine itself... you are pushing the threshold of fast/reliable. Stage 2 + is normally optimal for your full catless, full bolt on's, methanol/ethanol only cars. You cannot get Stage 2 + with any NA application.

Custom tuning $795 - $5000 +

Your application/fuel type/track only car does not work with tune options above, well guess what... we have custom tuning for you. Custom tuning is only limited to what you mind can dream up! Yes, anything you can dream up, but... this is a pay as you go type of deal or you can pay for me to come out and tune track side with you (all expenses will have to be paid, + labor time). Custom tuning is for those who want to set records and will require proper mods, and fuel types. Must have EK1 Lite

No tune is good enough, make it perfect $2995.00 +

You are a perfectionist and must have every single section of your ECU edited, you can not have that small dip in power when making the turn out of your housing complex when its 26 degree's outside. Well, we will have a tune option for you as well. This is the 30 day "rent a tuner" option. You will get one tune, every 2 days (given proper logging/customer feed back is given). This will essentially make me your bitch for 30 days (time starts after first tune revision is sent). Starting at $2995.00 (must also purchase one of the above tunes). If you need me figure out logging, or need me to e-hold your hand at 2AM? Not a problem... we only charge $200 an hour for that and its billed like putting an attorney on retainer. Very few if any will ever pay for this service, but... we have to make sure all options are covered. Must have EK1 Lite

Now... we will have other options also and these are not limited to:

E30, E50, E70 (winter fuel) E85, E85R (racing fuel) E98 (racing fuel), leaded/unleaded race fuel? With the added convivence of storing multiple maps on the tuning handheld, you now have the options to flash multiple maps, for multiple fuel types. Pricing will start at $295 per map and increased in costs from there.

Pops and bangs, pops and gurgles, gang bangs and flames... or ??? What can you dream up? Not all applications will be able to "flame on" but, as we release more options for the KDM market... you can get what you want. Again, with the options to store more than one map, we can provide you with pops, gurgles, bangs, all the above on multiple different maps. We can set them at any RPM point and the severity of the pops, bangs, gurgles. Single map, $75 Twin map $100, Triple map $150 (maximum of 2 tune revisions per map).

Launch control? Stationary burnout mode? P/N RPM limits lifted (to make those parking lot pops heard inside the business's you plan to harass :) we will have those also. As we work through the different options for the different KDM applications, we will add to that list as needed. $TBD

Last... you do not like it when someone tunes your car. You want to tune or edit your own cars ECU/TCU? Not a problem, we offer a WinOLS/TunerPro software suite with one tune selected from above. This will allow you to tune your own car, make edits and have some fun! However, its not cheap. Pricing will be dependent on model of car, but starting price is $4995.00

This will be the end all for tuning your KDM vehicle.

Note: We do not fix broken cars with a tune. If you think your car is running rich and its throwing a code, there is a 99% chance something is broken on your car. I have decades of experience tuning, and have dedicated my life since 2013 to the KDM market. Trust me, I know your car/engine better than you buddy with a 400HP WRX. You can listen to him, and I will do what you 'tell me to do" but I will not do so without warning, so... this is me telling you, do not tell me how to tune, and I will not tell you how to walk/talk/skip or run. If I tell you, check your spark plugs... its not because your buddy didn't say to check them, its because decades of experience is telling me, "CHECK YOUR SPARK PLUGS". If you let me, I will make sure your car is everything its suppose to be when we are done.

However... I am not a magician nor a wizard. I am sorry that you were told or read somewhere that, your tuner can make 400 HP at 16 lbs of boost with your 1.0 liter turbo KDM engine. Whoever told you that, or wherever you read that... go have them tune your car. When you are disappointed with the results, feel free to reach back out to me, so I can say... "I told you so" and we can get you a proper tune for your car. I can only tune realistic expectations, if you do not know what those are, feel free to call/email/social media us with what your expectations are, and we will let you know how many chickens will have to be sacrificed to achieve that :)

In all honesty... let me do what works best for you and your car. Everyone wins in that situation.