Elantra N 2.0T Stage 1 Tune

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Entering into the Elantra N community we have some special for you! 

50 to 60 WHP gains on a completely stock car, low 13 second 1/4 mile times and sub 5 second 0 to 60 MPH times. 30 to 50 wheel torque gains. 

The Stage 1 Tune is designed for pump gas, no modifications or mild modifications (intake, exhaust, spark plugs). 

This is the entry level tune for the Elantra N community. This is designed to run conservative ignition, 20 to 22 lbs of boost, 91 octane and ideally set up for auto x or road racing events. 

Its a FWD car... there is no reason to have 100 additional wheel torque. Can we give you 100 additional wheel torque, yes... yes we can, but why? Additional torque ends in nothing but wheel spin, and this tune will already wheel spin 1st and 2nd gear... so you really need to wheel spin into 3rd gear? 

On the dyno, this tune made 310 WHP with the stock car making an average of 265 to 270 WHP. 

This tune has been engineered to run on 91 octane, get great fuel mileage and offer everything that the stock car should have come with from the factory! 

We will have Stage 1 plus and Stage 2 and 2 plus tunes getting released mid summer, but those tunes will require additional modifications, and methanol injection (Stage 2 and 2 plus). 

This tune requires that you send us your ECU, we only clone ECU's here at Tork Motorsports. This process of cloning ECU allows us to make sure that the applications, differences in calibration and pairing to the DCT transmissions are all in compliance. We have attempted to use the spare ECU's for customers, and sadly we have not been able to get a reliable and functioning solution to our customers. We only need the ECU at our location for 24 hours (please pay attention to shipping holidays and business hours). 

All details for shipping of the ECU will be sent in an email along with paperwork to send us your ECU.