Electronic Boost Control Solenoid

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Another first for the Hyundai and KIA market from Tork Motorsports.

Plug and Play (direct replacement) electronic boost control solenoid.

Currently tested on all 1.6 Turbo applications with huge success.

Why do you need a EBCS upgrade?

1. The factory solenoid is plastic.
2. Less leakage (no leakage with our valve).
3. An increase in horsepower in the upper RPM band.
4. Will not cycle out under heavy use.

The first 3 are easy to see the benefits in, number 4 however, need some explaining.
High duty cycle rates of the factory solenoid can make the solenoid very hot and reduce its ability to control boost. In auto cross and road racing applications we have seen the boost levels start to fall off and power reduction starts to happen. If you run your car hard on the street, it will also have the same effect.

What causes this effect? Electronic items loose their ability to function properly when they get hot. Any electrical item that is duty cycled near or at is maximum will create heat. That heat effects the electronics inside the solenoid, and it reduces it's ability to operate properly. This is where our solenoid will shine. It's designed to be ran at 100% duty cycle for extended periods. It will not fall off performance wise when it's requested to run non-stop.

We will have a how to video on installation, it's plug and play install makes it so you don't have to cut any wires, and... its supported by our tune (works fantastic with the factory tune also).

We have all the hose connections in orientation of the factory harness, and we provide a filter for the vent hose on the solenoid to keep debris/dust out.
Another high quality product from Tork Motorsports.