HKS Hipermax R ZN8 Full Kit

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These are the HKS Hypermax Max R Coilovers. These coil overs are a little more advanced when compared to the Type S, and are for those who demand performance, looks and handling out of their suspension for an overall improvement in ride quality for both the street and the track. These coil overs will come pre-assembled with top hats and will come provided with spanner wrenches and a damper adjustment tool to allow the user to achieve the preferred height and stiffness. A great suspension upgrade for enthusiasts who want the stance and handling for their daily driver or weekend show car, but with advanced adjustment settings suitable for those with a purpose-built race car.

Exclusive newly developed Super Response Fluid oils that are heat-resistant to maintain proper ride quality

High-strength low-vibration springs

Top spring retainers eliminate side forces and

Single tube type

Inverted type (front)

30-level adjustment damping

Shock body length adjustable

Dual PVS

PNE coating

Preload valve system

Pillow ball upper mounts for the front

Spec change available

Overhaul available through HKS

Front Spring Rate: 88 N/mm

Rear Spring Rate: 98 N/mm