Hyundai Kia 3.3TT Bench Flash Tune

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Looking to make additional horsepower and torque with your 3.3 twin turbo KIA/Hyundai.

Do you want a higher top speed limiter?

Do you want another 50 to 200 wheel horsepower? Do you want another 50 to 200 wheel torque?

Is reliability something you are concerned about?

We have all your need ready and more!

The tune is designed to be run on 91 or 93 octane fuel. If you have a lower premium fuel octane than that, please contact us. With over 100 + maps getting changed inside the ECU we are able to offer a tune for every customer needs and we have narrowed these down to a few tuned options.

Stage 0
This is a targeted 14 psi tune with torque and horsepower limits increased up to 70 wheel torque and 70 wheel horsepower (max). This is a tune that is designed around the idea of a "stock car". There are no necessary items for this, we do highly recommend spark plugs (HKS40il) and oil catch cans (listed here on our site).

Stage 1
This is a targeted 18 psi tune with torque and horsepower limits increased up to 100 + wheel torque and 125 + wheel horsepower. This tune requires at least, intakes and HKS40il spark plugs (again both can be found on our website).

Stage 1 Plus is all the benefits of Stage 1 but we have added methanol to this tune. This is a methanol only tune, so it must be ran with a minimum of 80% racing methanol in the methanol injection system.

Stage 2
This is a 20 + psi tune with torque and horsepower limits increased up to 200 + wheel torque and 150 + wheel horsepower. This tune requires everything from the Stage 1 tune, plus: full exhaust, FMIC, HKS45il spark plugs and we highly recommend "off road" pipes from the turbo to the cat back exhaust (cat delete). Word of caution... this tune is aggressive, note that when you decided to run this tune. --TBA--

Custom Tuning... please contact us.

How to process your order online:

Create an account
-Pick the tune/shipping options that you want
-Make sure you have the proper email, phone and shipping address listed in your
Pay for tune!

Look in your email in box for a form you to fill out and send back with your PCM. You must include this form with the PCM, without it the PCM will not get flashed, it will sit on a shelf, it will get lost, it is useless to us. A PCM without paperwork is like a car without wheels... it will not be going anywhere!
Get that form filled out, put it inside the box with the PCM. Don't put the PCM inside of a padded envelope, it will break the connectors on the end of the PCM and ruin your PCM. Do, wrap your PCM in bubble wrap or some sort of padding.

Ship the PCM to the address listed on the paper work:

Tork Motorsports
3722 Auburn Way N
Suite 208
Auburn, WA 98002

We accept all forms of shipment at our location. We open at 10AM so make sure they know to deliver it after that time.

When we get your PCM, we will bench flash it for you the same day if possible, we will verify the flash and send it out with the shipping option that you choose when you placed the order.

If you would like a Loaner ECU so you are not down without your vehicle please select the option below. Once our Spare ECU is returned to us we will refund you the cost of the Spare ECU. Also PLEASE NOT YOU ONLY HAVE 14 DAYS FOR THE TUNING PROCESS IF WE DO NOT RECEIVE THE SPARE ECU BACK IN 14 DAYS YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE A REFUND FOR THE LOANER ECU.

--With the SPARE ECU option you will need to send us your OEM ECU so we can copy your OEM file onto your Spare ECU. We will then tune the spare and send them back to you.