JBR PCV Oil Catch Can

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Details:During everyday engine operation, blow-by gases, as well as oil vapor from the engines rotating assembly, pass through the PCV valve and are routed into the intake for the engine to burn off. Before ever making it into the cylinders, some of that oil mist and other contaminates adhere to the backside of the hot intake valves. Over time a thick crust forms significantly reducing performance and potentially leading to a costly cleaning or repair. This is especially a problem for the 2.0L motor because there's no fuel passing over the valves to wash and keep them clean. This is why the JBR Oil Catch Can is a must have for the Hyundai Velsoter N.

As the PCV gases enter the JBR Oil Catch Can a pressure drop occurs and the oil begins to fall out of suspension. As the gas exits, it flows through a series of 3 perforated plates. The capillary effect created by hundreds of holes in each perforated plate captures the oil and only gas reaches the outlet. The perforated filter plates will never break down or need to be replaced. They should never be cleaned like catch cans with dense micron screens and will never break down and dislodge like mesh filter material.

The JBR Oil Catch Can is capable of capturing up to 350ml of oil and checking the level couldn't be easier with the dipstick. The included drain makes it simple to remove every last drop!

Applications:- 2019+ Hyundai Veloster N

Features:- Dipstick for checking the level of the contents
- Easily installed utilizing the supplied OEM factory fittings
- Pre-cut oil & fuel resistant hoses
- Entirely constructed out of 6061 billet aluminum
- Drain valve and drain hose included

Includes:- JBR Billet Oil Catch Can with 3/8" hose fittings
- Application specific mounting bracket
- Pre-cut hoses and clamps
- Stainless mounting hardware
- Quick drain valve and drain hose
- Check valve
Installation instructions are available in our support section.
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