KIA/Hyundai 3.3TT Custom Tuning

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For a long time now there has been a need for a custom tuning application for the 3.3TT engine, and... we now have that option. 

If your ECU tag is SIM2K-260-1.01 this is an option for you.

Note: under the rental program you must return the kit in 30 days.  If not returned in 30 days and without prior agreements made with Tork Motorsports to keep it longer, you forfeit the deposit and the kit is now yours to keep. The tuning kit rental is $500 without laptop and $600 with laptop. When the kit is returned to us in working order, we will issue a refund in the correct amount of that which you ordered. 

Why? Why would we make a custom tuning option for the end user? Because... as many have seen and witnessed, a unique combination of parts or a limit on fuel quality from daily use to track day use can cause unique tuning challenges. Why have a great car, great engine only to be limited to one tune? Or to be limited to an off the shelf tune that is not optimized 100% for your parts/fuel/driving/drivetrain? We plan to fill that tuning gap with this solution.

Hardware options:

Tuning kit that requires your laptop
Tuning kit that comes with our laptop

You can rent the tools (up to 30 days) or keep the tools for unlimited tuning options. Unlimited? Yes, we have options you can purchase for unlimited tuning, but first... lets address what unlimited tuning is.

Unlimited tuning is 1 to 2 tunes sent via email every week.  I will not answer your phone calls outside of business hours and I will not respond to your message requests at 3AM. Or 1AM or whatever time you think I should be replying to you. I will reply within 24 hours of you sending me a message on FB business messenger or through email (emails can take up to 48 hours). Unlimited tuning does not make me your "tuning bitch". I am not your onsite technician, I can give recommendations, but in the end... if there is something wrong, and flashing back to stock doesn't fix it, then demanding me to figure it out will end your tuning subscription. Unlimited means I will tune 1 car, not 2 or 3 or all your buddies cars. If you try to slip one by me, and not announce that you want another car tuned, the tune will brick the ECU when you try to load it (loading a tuned file from one ECU to another, will make the ECU an anchor, so don't try to be smart and use you tuning file on your buddies car). 

Respect me, and I will respect you.

Now that we have the hardware out of the way... lets talk about tuning options:

1. 30 days tuning (comes with kit) you get one finalized tune, that is max effort for your car/mods/fuel type. At that time, you will have to return the flash kit to us.
2. Custom tuning periods of 60/90/180 days. This is designed around the fact that you will be keeping the tuning kit, and making multiple tunes for different octane types and different track settings. This is not for tuning multiple vehicles (unless you arrange that with us). This tune option allows you to switch tunes from one tune to the next or flashing the car back to stock.. if you decide to sell it. All the tunes developed in this period, you get to keep (I would only keep the finalized one's) and use for as long as you like. 

If you have a unique set up or want to run some exotic fuel, please message me on my business Facebook messenger so we can discuss the options you have in mind.