KIA/Hyundai 3.3TT Engine Bullet Proof Kit

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This kit removes all the weak links inside of the 3.3TT engine.


Head studs
Rods bolts
4 layer head gaskets

Our head studs have full washer pocket retention, use 190,000 psi studs, large base nuts for higher contact area between nut and washer. All ARP hardware.

Rod bolts are ARP 2000 material and address the weak OEM rod bolts (very few issues with rod bolt failure, but a few with over-rev have suffered stretched rod bolts). 

OEM head gasket is 3 layers with single fire ring at the combustion chamber edge, we upgrade the OEM head gaskets with a thicker/multi layer fire ring at the combustion chamber edge. Thus, increasing clamp load at the edge of combustion chamber. This is the ultimate in head gasket sealing. All OEM head gasket manufacturing for OEM quality and fitment.

Simply the best bullet proof kit on the market for the 3.3TT engine.