KIA/Hyundai TCU Stage 2 Plus Tune

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Current applications are:

KIA Stinger 3.3TT/2.0T
Hyundai G70 3.3TT

We will be adding more applications to the list as we confirm TCU programming/data.

Currently we are only taking mail in TCU tunes. You will have to mail in your TCU for us to tune it. Turnaround time is 24 hours, and we express ship the TCU back to you. There will be a spare TCU option available soon, but the costs will be more, and availability is dependent on supplies that are on hand. A reply email will be sent to you (so make sure you give us an accurate email address) for detailed directions for sending your TCU to us. 

Product details:

Dual stage launch control 2,200 RPM or 3,000 RPM limits
25% to 55% increase in transmission line pressure (varies across gears)
Shift speed reduced 12% - 15% 
Enhanced Drag Racing shift points as per mod list or per customer request

Max setting for raised shift points are 7,400 RPM due to the factory valve springs struggling to sustain the valves from floating above this limiter. We highly recommend the 7,200 RPM limiter as a max setting for any car, and with the stock turbo's... there is no reason to increase this limiter.


If we had to give this TCU tune a name it would be the Stage 2 Tune. The idea behind this TCU tune is to make it performance enhanced to the fullest potential. If you are interested in a record setting TCU tune, look no further. As the product states this TCU tune comes with two stages of launch control. The first stage it activated under 50%-60% throttle input. It will not trigger the Launch Control icon on the instrument cluster display, but it will give you 33% throttle opening 1-2 lbs of boost, and limit the RPM to 2,100-2,300 RPM. When you ready your car for this stage, its not different than when you would with the normal launch control.

Settings are as follows:

Select sport mode with the mode selector (dial)
Traction control and stability control all the way off (hold down TC button till second ding and dash display says traction and stability control all the way off).
Auto start off
Park assist off

Now, apply brake. Hold gas at 1/2 throttle. This is the first stage launch control. When you are ready to launch, just release brake and apply full throttle.

The second stage of launch control uses the same settings above, but will require some timing of the RPM and brake release. The second stage launch control will shoot up as high as 3,000 RPM and go to 8-10 lbs of boost (as high as 16lbs of boost when paired with an ECU Stage 1 + or Stage 2 Tune. This is enough to start spinning the tires while you are sitting stationary (AWD or RWD) . This will take a little bit of practice to get sorted, but when you do... it is very rewarding. I would recommend starting with the brake release at 2,100 RPM and work your way up to 3,000 RPM to determine what works best for your tire, mod and tune combination.

Now, talking about tunes. The TCU tune works best when paired with a tune. Reason being, the torque limits and throttle opening schedule inside of the ECU can make attempts to correct the output from the TCU when launching the car. This can trigger a momentary safe mode, a small surge, or possible throttle close then re-open right at launch. This will become more of an issue the longer you hold and higher the RPM  you run the second stage of launch control. This will take some time to figure out with your combination of parts, tune and tires on the car. 

Safety limits are still active inside of the TCU. Trans slip, wheel speed offsets, wheel spin bias... are all still active. Some have been increased others have been left stock. What does this mean? Well, first reason... we are trying to make sure we are not damaging the drive-train on your car with this tune. Second, if you launch and the front wheel speeds are higher than the rear or vice versa, the TCU will trigger safe mode. To much wheel spin from the front or rear tires has been a proven way to break drive-train components. We are not comfortable with just "turning them off". Even with the Stage 2 tune, we are going to keep wheel speed bias active, simply to keep from breaking the front diff or transfer case. 

As always, this is something that you use at your own risk. If you are curious if this will void your warranty, it could, or it could not. I highly doubt that the engineers or KIA/Hyundai techs will be digging into the TCU. 

We do not have to open the TCU. All reading and writing are done through the pins on OEM connectors. On the surface, our tune is invisible, vs the competitors tunes which require them to open the TCU to load the tune.