Kia Stinger Back End Flash Tune

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KIA Stinger 3.3 "back end flash"... who wants one?

Now, some of you may be wondering... what is a back end flash. Well, that is a flash you use in conjunction with a piggy back or some other type of signal modifier. I have acknowledged that the Stinger market is not going to get rid of their piggy backs, so we have made the decision to fall into the fold (or something like that) to get your guys cars running optimal with a piggy back.

What will our back end flash address?
1. Shift improvements. We will adjust shift timing and stop ignition drop. Thus speeding up the shift recovery, this has been good for .2 seconds in 1/4 mile times.

2. Increase torque limits, this should stop the throttle from getting closed on shifts. We have seen a lot of piggy back datalogs with the throttle closing on shift or the throttle closing in the higher gears due to torque limits being exceeded.

3. Tops speed limiter increased for those who have a 135 MPH limiter we increase it to 170 MPH.

4. Target lambda (air fuel ratio) will be set to one of the selected options you choose in the menu when ordering your tune. We will have 11.4/11.8/12.0 as options for your desired AFR ratio's. Custom AFR/Lambda targets will be an additional charge.

5. Stop cat over temp protection from kicking in and raise the fuel correction for turbine temps. We will have catted and catless options for these correction limits.

6. o2 code for catless/race cars cat delete.

7. Turbo speed limits increased (calculated not actual) to allow the full ignition spark delivery, so you no longer have to gap your spark plugs down to the .021 or smaller to get the piggy back to work properly.

8. Increase in coil dwell time to aid in proper plug gap and reduce spark blow out. This will allow for larger spark plug gaps to be ran without spark "blow out".

9. Increase max air flow limits... to stop the sudden "dead throttle" from happening when pushing the limits of the piggy back boost levels.

10. Low fuel torque limits increased to standard limits, so you can run at 1/8 of a tank when at the drag strip. This will not stop the factor fuel system from running out of fuel, or the fuel basket from getting sucked dry (fuel basket is the reservoir inside your fuel tank).


Tork Motorsports.

Look in your email in box for a form you to fill out and send back with your PCM. You must include this form with the PCM, without it the PCM will not get flashed, it will sit on a shelf, it will get lost, it is useless to us. A PCM without paperwork is like a car without wheels... it will not be going anywhere!
Get that form filled out, put it inside the box with the PCM. Don't put the PCM inside of a padded envelope, it will break the connectors on the end of the PCM and ruin your PCM. Do, wrap your PCM in bubble wrap or some sort of padding.

Ship the PCM to the address listed on the paper work:

Tork Motorsports
3722 Auburn Way N
Suite 208
Auburn, WA 98002

We accept all forms of shipment at our location. We open at 10AM so make sure they know to deliver it after that time.