KIA/Hyundai TCU/ECU Stage 1 Tune Bundle

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KIA and Hyundai 3.3TT 2018 to 2023

We are combining the best that we have to offer in a transmission and engine tune that makes the most of your KIA/Hyundai. 

You must have an intake on the car, run premium fuel and have HKS spark plugs. This is a 50 to 80 WHP gain with different mods on the car and it can run low 12's to high 11's in the 1/4 mile. This tune runs 14 to 18 lbs of boost (octane and additional parts on the car will change the boost levels).

Why am I offering a combo deal at pricing that is insane? Because the Korean Tuning shops have taken advantage of the Korean car market for long enough! They can no longer hold hostage the Stinger owners with ECU and TCU pricing that is unfair to the Stinger community!

Is this fair? Is it ethically right? Well, if you think that a $1500 ECU tune and $1000 TCU tune is ethical, then... yes, its fair and ethical! You are paying less than 1/2 the price of the Korean tunes for this bundle deal, and its what people should be paying for a great tune.