Lower Control Arm Braces

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The single most important suspension upgrade you should do to your KIA/Hyundai vehicle!  The difference in driver feedback from the steering wheel is amazing with reduced wheel hop under hard acceleration and reduced lower ball joint deflection during panic/aggressive braking. Thus, giving better 0 to 60 MPH time and increased driver control under panic/aggressive braking. 

The lower control arm brace/reinforcement should be the first upgrade you get for your KIA/Hyundai application. 

- Huge application list (updating the vehicles as we confirm fitment)

- Improved Handling

- Improved Driver Feed Back

- Less Control Arm Flex/Deflection

- Very Easy Install

- 100% Positive Customer Feedback

- Made from T304 .100" Stainless Steel (to resist rust)

- Grade 8 Mounting Hardware Included