OBD Port Flash Handheld Tuner

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Tork Motorsports is happy to announce port flashing tuning for the KIA and Hyundai community. You will no longer have to send us your ECU, or buy a spare ECU with a tune on it. You can flash back to stock for dealer visits, and move from one Staged tune, to another Staged tune with the click of a button.
Requirements are:
Laptop with Windows XP thru 10 operating system (tablets will not work)
Will not work with MAC Book or a Tablet.

With the port flashing tool/software, you get:

Identify: this will allow you to identify the ECU model, and calibration data of the vehicle.
Read: this will allow you to read your calibration off the vehicles ECU.
Write: this will allow you to modify, and write tunes into the vehicles ECU.
Clear/Read codes: this will allow you to clear and read ECU codes.
Datalogging: currently, not all platforms are covered with datalogging capacity. We are working on a solution for all the models listed. We will update, and send out email updates as we continue to offer more datalogging solutions for the above vehicles and new vehicles we add to the list.

What hardware/software do you get:

OBDII Port Dongle and USB Cable.
USB Flash Drive (software).
Email confirmation with software downloads.
Staged Tune(s) (depending on model, you will get multiple tunes or a single tune for your application).
Link to video tutorial/how to.
Paper directions for basic, ID, read, write functions.

Tunes options:

We will have a range of tune options listed for the applications, with emails sent out when we release a new option. Current options are:

Pops and Gurgles
Flat Foot Shift (WOT shifting, manual trans cars only)
Idle control/increased idle
O2 code delete for off road downpipes
P2261 BOV upgrade code delete
External Gate upgrade
Launch Control/2 step (manual trans cars only at this time)

Horsepower and Torque gains with so many make and model options will be difficult to claim via number, so we choose to list them in naturally aspirated and forced induction. These gains will vary based on mods on the car and we will adjust the tune based on those mods and options selected when you email us.

N/A applications:

Stage 0 Tune gains 5 to 10% HP and TQ
Stage 1 Tune gains 8 to 20% HP and TQ
Stage 1.5 (in development)

Forced Induction:

Stage 0 Tune gains 5 to 15%
Stage 0 + Tune gains 8 to 22%
Stage 1 Tune gains 20 to 50%
Stage 1.5 Tune gains 40 to 80%

How do you get a tune?

After you have read the directions, loaded the software, and read the file off of your cars ECU, you email us your file. Emails will be sent to tuned@damnfastdd.com, in this email, you will include:

Year, Make and Model
VIN number
Auto or Manual Transmission
Use of the car: Drag/AutoX/Street
Desired Rev Limiter (manual trans only)
Engine displacement, turbo or natural aspirated
Stage of tunes you desire
Modifications done to increase power
Options you want (from the list)
Codes you wish to have deleted (from this list)
Octane of fuel you will be running (90 to 98 octane only)

Now, we highly recommend fresh spark plugs or cooler spark plugs for higher level tunes. We also highly recommend oil catch cans and a fresh oil change to finish out the tune. Do not forget… fresh air filter(s) and make sure the brakes are good.

We will be sending out email updates for all existing customers with new releases, new options, and any software updates that need be applied.

Tune updates, tune modification, tuning for race fuel or alcohol blended applications will be:

Basic Tune updates: $100
This is for those who add a FMIC, downpipe, or other basic upgrade and want the most from that upgrade.

Tune Upgrade: $250
This is for those who want a major tune upgrade, or change to a different turbo, methanol injection, n2o, ect. This option is for those making a large increase in power or fueling change.

Custom Tuning: $125 per hour/min 4 hours.
You want a dyno tune with us tuning while you run on the dyno. Schedule a time, and we will be tuning via remote tuning.

What not to do!!!
Do not send us 5 emails with your mods or “oh, I forgot this”. Make 110% sure, you have everything in one email. Do not message us on Facebook, because we do not tune based off what you said on Facebook. Email, and email us only, at tuned@damnfastdd.com.

As with any tune, you run the risk of component failure, you run this tune (or any tune for that matter) at your own risk. If you have 1000’s miles on your engine and have never done any maintenance, do not get a tune. The longevity and full potential of a tune cannot be reached, if you are not willing to perform the basic maintenance on your car. Absolute no refunds on a tune, no exceptions.



****All Available Tuning Options are - Pops and Gurgles,  P2261 Code Correction,  Raised Idle, Oxygen Sensor Code Correction.