Oil Catch Can PCV Side

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KIA/Hyundai 3.3 TT Oil Catch Can(s)
A very much needed upgrade for your 3.3 TT Hyundai and KIA engine. Factory looking so not to offend the dealer when they do your maintenance. Both PCV and breather side OCC’s can be used at the same time (recommended) and the PCV side comes with a one way check valve to stop any boost from making it back into the crankcase via leaking PCV valve (PCV valves leak a little boost).

Biggest benefit to running the OCC’s… reduction of carbon build up on the back of the intake valves. If you Google search GDI and carbon build up, you will see how much carbon build up happens with GDI applications with the PCV systems.

Keep your engine healthy, clean and do it while looking stylish… could it get any better? Yes.. it can!!!
We have options for the OCC systems:
Drain valve for ease of draining the OCC (these do have a tendency to leak, so we include a small vacuum cap to cover the drain nozzle).
Custom colors… pick one of the color options in the drop down menu (stain black is default)
If you do not want to feed back into the turbo inlet, we have filtered option as well

Based on the amount of oil we are seeing inside the intake system, we are recommending that all 3.3TT engines get OCC’s, tuned or stock… there is a huge performance and maintenance benefit to running both oil catch cans on your engine.