Rent a Tuner for a Month EK1 Series

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You are a perfectionist and must have every single section of your ECU edited, you can not have that small dip in power when making the turn out of your housing complex when its 26 degree's outside. Well, we will have a tune option for you as well. This is the 30 day "rent a tuner" option. You will get one tune, every 2 days (given proper logging/customer feed back is given). This will essentially make me your bitch for 30 days (time starts after first tune revision is sent). Starting at $2995.00 (must also purchase one of the above tunes). If you need me figure out logging, or need me to e-hold your hand at 2AM? Not a problem... we only charge $200 an hour for that and its billed like putting an attorney on retainer. Very few if any will ever pay for this service, but... we have to make sure all options are covered. Must have EK1 Lite to start this process.