Snow Performance Stg 4 Boost Cooler Platinum Water Injection Kit

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Calling all tuners! Snow Performance now offers water-methanol injection with OEM level fuel system control for exact amounts of water-methanol to be delivered at any RPM range of the vehicle. The Stage 4 Boost Cooler utilizes engine RPM/Boost PSI to create a 2D fully adjustable water-methanol tune. Unlike any other system on the market the Stage 4 can give more or less water-methanol at any specific engine load state similar to a stand alone ECU. Using Snow Performance Platinum Tuning Software (free) the tuner can monitor, adjust water-meth delivery, data log/save files, and save/send completed water-methanol tunes to remote customers using a computer while on the dyno. Comes complete with Bosch MAP sensor, custom billet mount, USB cord,terminated wiring connections, LED alert system and 1/4" Nylon Tubing / quick-connect fittings. Recommended for all tuners looking for maximum water-methanol control.