SPL Parts 2013-Current BRZ/FRS/86/GR Rear Knuckle Bushing

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The SPL rear knuckle bushings replace the rubber factory knuckle bushing with a low friction PTFE-lined spherical bearing. Replacing the OEM rubber bushing eliminates deflection under heavy acceleration and braking loads that leads to unwanted geometry changes, and prevents binding by allowing the knuckle to smoothly articulate.

The reduced deflection also translates to improved driver feedback from the tire and better overall response. We use the largest possible FK bearing, to increase longevity and reduce NVH, mounted in a 6061-T6 aluminum housing precision cut with +/- .001" tolerance to insure proper fitment.


  • Improved Braking and Acceleration
  • Reduce Unwanted Bumpsteer
  • Eliminates Bind and Bushing Deflection
  • Reduces Suspension Stiction


  • 6061-T6 aluminum bearing housing
  • US-made, F1-spec, PTFE-lined FK bearings