Stage 1 + Tune for EK1 Lite

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Again, another over used tune description. However overused it is, we like to refer to this as our optimal tune for the conservative car owner. Stage 1 + is for those who want their mods optimized but taking safety and engine reliability into account first. This tune will give the optimal results, with the optimal safety engineered into it. This is how the factory should have tuned the ECU/TCU for optimal performance on premium fuel. This tune option comes with 2 free tune revisions (total of 3 tunes) and this tune normally requires full bolt on's. Full bolt on's for boosted cars is intake, exhaust, intercooler upgrades, spark plugs, mid pipes, and methanol/ethanol tuning. For NA cars, its can be, intake(s), exhaust, headers, spark plugs, methanol/ethanol tuning.