Stinger 3.3TT Secondary Mid Pipes

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Commonly referred to as secondary cats, we have finally ended testing on the new primary mid pipes and let me tell you... these things are something special. 

What makes them special?

All stainless steel construction
3/8 flanges
Turbo flex sections to aid in installation, engine movement, and different exhaust fitment
Resonated and non resonated options (again, all stainless resonators)

These took some time to design and work out any flaws. At this point, I would have to say these are the best fitting mid pipes I have ever installed will a little give being granted from the flex sections allowing for any misalignment issues from the aftermarket exhaust manufactures (much needed with some of these flange locations). 

The resonated versions cut the dreaded VQ "rasp" that comes from a full catless system, or partially catless system. The non resonated are a bit louder, but paired up with our oval mid pipe... you can really make the Stinger all it should have been from the factory with a properly sounding exhaust! 

Sound clips are loaded up on our Youtube channel at Tork Motorsports.

The product pictures shows a set of 4... you will only be getting one set of 2, we took pictures showing the difference between resonated and non resonated.