Hyundai/Kia Super Stocker OEM Direct Replacement Turbo Upgrade

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Do you want an easy way to be able to push 300-340whp (with proper supporting modifications and tuning)  without having to upgrade to a big turbo kit and spend thousands of dollars? Well here is your chance! Our Super Stocker Turbo is an OEM direct replacement upgrade!. Now some of you are wondering what "super Stocker" means, it means we were able to replace the tiny OEM inducer and Exducer compressor wheels with a much bigger and better option!  

Both turbine and compressor wheel upgrades now on the Super Stocker Turbo, with even more potential for the stock turbo!


****CORE CHARGE**** If you select yes on the core charge you will be charged an additional $800 until we receive you core turbo back (in working condition). If you select NO you will need to send us your turbo for us to get upgraded this was you will not be charged a core charge but will have a longer wait time. 


****Please allow 4-6 week build time****