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I spend far to much time helping people with their builds/installs that its getting in the way of tuning new customers. So, emails tuning assistance will now be charged for 5 emails helping you figure out your build or 15 minutes of phone time. 

Yes, I know I am suppose to help people when it comes to buying a product... and I will, the first 2 will be free. After 2 emails or one phone call, any technical assistance with car that is not related to our products/tune. If I have tuned 50 + cars with the same calibration ID and all 50 + cars run perfect... its not the tune. If you want my knowledge, you will have to pay for it.

What does this $99.00 purchase 5 email replies with technical assistance with your cars control issues/malfunction or 15 minutes of phone time/assistance. 

If you have installed my tune, and the car is misfiring after my tune. There is a 99.98% chance its not the tune. There is however a 90% chance its the spark plugs or the knock off cheap ignition coils you bought thinking that they were going to be better. If you want me to tell you its the cheap coils, wrong spark plugs, or wrong plug gap I can do that, but for free anymore. 

Far to many people are giving far to much bad advice these days and I find myself spending more time helping people fix their bastardized builds, then actually tuning. This has to come to a stop.