The Ultimate 3.3TT Tune Package!

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This is the end all to remote tuning for your KIA/Hyundai 3.3TT vehicle. 

This package with include tune, interface, customer support. 

Lets start off with the interface (tuning device). We use the EK1 Lite for ease of use, logging, and its ability to hold several tunes at one time. Its a very simple, task based tuning solution that allows you to access the ECU and TCU of your vehicle. You will need a Windows based PC or laptop to access the software (required). 

Tuning will include custom tuning for the ECU and TCU (to an extent, we cannot disable safety systems or emissions devices). There will be stages that are matched to your vehicle modifications and octane (see below).

Stage 1 ECU/TCU combo. This tune is for the pump gas owner who is looking for 60 to 80 WHP gains over stock with moderate upgrades, such as intakes, exhaust and intercooler. Horsepower and torque gains will vary on octane available as well as the quality of the parts being used for the upgrade. You can be stock, or full bolt on's (less methanol) with Stage 1 Tune bundle. TCU for this bundle is full 3k launch control, increased shift times, increased line/holding pressure, and gear hold when in manual shift mode. This has been proven to be a low 12 second high 11 second 1/4 mile car (with good fuel quality).

Stage 1 + ECU/TCU combo.  This combo is everything in Stage 1, but you have added methanol to the car. This is for the pump gas/methanol owner who is looking to add 80 to 100 WHP gains over stock. This tune requires you have intakes, exhaust and methanol injection. TCU for this bundle is full 3k launch control, increased shift times, increased line/holding pressure, and gear hold when in manual shift mode. This has been proven to be a high 11 second 1/4 mile car combo (with good fuel quality).

Stage 2 ECU/TCU combo. This is where things start to get interesting. This combo requires intake, exhaust, catless or highflow catted downpipes. FMIC is highly recommended, but not required. This combo has the advanced TCU/ECU launch control option, allowing full wheel spin in AWD or RWD applications. We have also firmed up the shifts with additional line/holding pressure as well options for higher RPM limits for manual shift mode (higher RPM limits will depend on mods and fuel octane available). this tune combo will add 80 to 120 WHP over stock. This has been prove to be an 11.9 to 11.5 in the 1/4 mile (with good fuel quality). 

Stage 2 + ECU/TCU combo. This is the Ultimate Tune for pump gas or E30 fueled vehicles (comes with both final revisions for pump gas + methanol and E30 + methanol). Requirements are the same as Stage 2 combo, but methanol is required and it must be 100% methanol ran for this tune. The TCU for this tune is as aggressive as we will get for street use, this comes with the advanced TCU/ECU launch control and as much as 25% wheel slip bias front to rear difference. This tune has been a proven performer to run low 11 second time slips and the occasional 10 second time slip. This combo is pushing reliability of the head studs, so we will discuss with the customer exactly how far they wish to push this combo.

The Ultimate Tune/Stage 3 combo. This is everything you could ask for an more! The Ultimate combo consist of Stg1/Stg2/Stg3 tuning options. Stage 3 is for those who wish to push the boundary of the community you belong to... setting records is what this tune is designed for and consequences come with setting records. This combo will have final revisions for pump gas/methanol and race gas/methanol. This tune combo comes with tuning for modified stock turbo upgrades (Pure Turbo/SXTH/TK) or big turbo kits (TBA from Tork Motorsports). Reliability is being pushed with this combo and we highly recommend head studs with this combo, but we can discuss with the customer how hard they wish to push their car to avoid any costly repairs. The TCU with this tune is very similar to the TCU tune offered for Stage 2 + with the option to upgrade to a one piece driveline that will allow for much more aggressive settings in shift control (please ask about pricing and options for the one piece driveline).

Customer support will consist of our availability being 2 to 3 tune revisions a week if needed, and if proper logging and data collection has been done. "It feels slower" is not proper data collection... we will need Dragy, 1/4 mile times or dyno results for your "it feels slower" to be validated. This is not "forever tuning" you get tune revisions until the conditions/results we have made claims of, have been achieved. If you run low 11 second times with the first tune on your Stage 2 + then... tuning will be ended. If you cannot get Dragy/1/4 mile times/dyno results, then you have a maximum tuning time window of 90 days or 30 tune revisions (which every comes first). 

Options: we will discuss options with the customers, but these tunes come fully optioned for pops and bangs, increased idle, P2261 for aftermarket BOV's, etc. AGAIN, WE WILL NOT DISABLE SAFETY SYSTEMS LIKE STABILITY CONTROL TRACTION CONTROL OR ??? IN THE TUNE, THIS IS ILLEGAL AND COMES WITH HEFTY FINES. You have a button inside of the car for a reason. If you do not see an option listed... ask, the worst we will say is no, but we will make every attempt to build that option for you.

Cost... no, this is not affordable. If you want affordable pick one of the other tunes. This is for getting the car dialed in with your mods, your fuel, your driving habits. This is about refinement, and custom tuning to fully optimize everything  about the driving and performance manners of the vehicle. 

This is, the Ultimate Tuning option for your 3.3TT vehicle application!