The Ultimate Oil System Upgrade

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To compliment our Ultimate engine upgrade, we have the oiling system to match it!

Kit comes with:

Upgraded high pressure oil pump (10 to 15 psi additional pressure over the stock pump)
Stock oil pan
Stock oil pick up tube
OEM oil cooler 

We addressed the oil pump weakness by increasing the oil pump overflow release spring rate by 30% and contouring the oil pump feed and discharge opening allowing for a higher volume of oil flow into and out of the pump housing. Works perfect at 8,000 + RPM and supports the current 500 WHP shop car! 

For an additional cost we can WPC treatment the pump housing, gears and shuttle valve, making it the optimal pump upgrade for your track race car! 

WPC treatment can take up to 4 weeks. Please be patient with the delay times with getting this option.