Hyundai Veloster Front Mount Intercooler

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Power across the curve, that is all we can say about this upgrade for your Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

See dyno chart for the gains you will get with this FMIC.

Made with the best materials available to us:

.079 wall 2.5" aluminum tubing through the whole system
3.5" Treadstone TR8L Core
Turbo Smart BOV
4 ply silicone couplers
T-bolt clamps were needed
.110 wall front bumper support
Upgraded rear engine mount bushings
Full intercooler piping

All products are power coated to meet your needs (bumper support is satin black standard, please ask about custom colors)

Gains up to 30 wheel horsepower and 20 wheel torque!!!!

We took a different approach than current offerings for our intercooler. One of the biggest issues with the current FMIC offerings, the lower pipes hits the ground if its a pass through system and on the shared tank in and out design... to much heat transfer. Also, the do not sit centered in the grill. Last, they hide 2 rows of core in the lower lip on the bumper cover, those are two rows that could be getting direct air flow. 20% of the competitors FMIC's is hidden from air flow.

So, we took our FMIC design and incorporated it with a bumper support. This not only offers a center mounted appearance, it provides 95% of the frontal area to be hit by direct air flow, thus better cooling. Last, no shared tank design... pass through only for this set up.

We have 20 different colors of powder coating in the shop to customize your FMIC piping to meet your color scheme, and if you want a custom color... not a problem. We just need a chip sample and we can get that done for you as well (additional charge).

More power, better cooling, top quality products...

Please allow up to a 4 week build time.