Tork Motorsports Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade

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Proven performance up to 250 + wheel horsepower!

Intake Air Temp reduction of 25% or more!

Eazy install (2-3 hours max)!

If you are looking for affordable, honesty and proven performance... look no further. We are happy to bring you the entry level intercooler system for the Fiat 124 Spider.

Claims have been made that the factory piping cannot support more than 200 wheel horsepower. Well, that is complete BS. The biggest restriction inside the factory intercooler system, is the core itself. We have performed thermal image testing, before and after dyno results (10 to 15 WHP gains), and ran multiple turbo combinations on the factory and upgraded turbos... proving that the core is the greatest restriction, is in the core itself. So... we decided to bring the community an affordable option that can be installed in less than 3 hours (video posted on Youtube).

Our kit comes with:

Bolt-in 350hp intercooler
Silicone couplers
Adapter tubing
Gator clamps
Rubber isolators

We will have a tubing upgrade for those who upgrade to a larger turbo, making this kit "modular" for stock or larger turbo applications.