Tork Motorsports Palisade Axle back Exhaust

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Mark decided to ruin it for everyone... $200 price increase for the 2 star review!

Are you tired of your Hyundai Palisade being a little to quite? Tired of turning it on to warm up and not even realizing its on? Well here is your chance to kick it up a notch! We have created the first to market axleback exhaust system for you Hyundai Palisade! The exhaust system is made from all Stainless steel components to help prevent rust!

T304 Stain steel 3" exhaust pipe
Stainless Steel exhaust hanger
Stainless Steel exhaust flange
Vibrant Muffler
3"inlet exhaust tip to dual 4" outlet
Black or Chrome Tips available

Also expect gains anywhere from 10-15whp

Audio Clip on YouTube

Please allow a 3-4 week build time