Tune Revisions/Datalog Sessions

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I have found myself tuning customers as many as 15 + times trying to sort launch control, pops and bangs, check engine lights, flames, throttle sensitivity, and an assortment of different options that they want to "perfect". This non stop tuning of a handful of people has put a huge work load on me and has hurt getting new tunes out to customers. 

Our tuning will now come with a set two revision standard, and two log reading sessions. If you want get the perfect tune, you will now have to pay for that "perfect tune". My tunes are very, very good. The communities we support have stated this time and time again. Several tuners are installing tune revisions packages or additional costs, so its time that we do the same. 

You get the best that I have to offer, but people at taking advantage of my compassion and my commitment to make "the best" tune possible and this has put a huge strain on my life and my ability to keep people with tune turnaround times. 

I need to clarify that a tune from us is just that, a tune. It is not endless tuning until you feel the car it performing optimally. If you want to check how the car is performing, you can take it to a local dyno, get me a dyno chart and I will see what improvements can be made (will require before and after tuning dyno charts). Dare I say an ass-dyno meets the requirements for a "perfect tune", so respect me and I will respect you.

With that being said, tune revisions will now be charged at $49.95 per revision. You can order as many as you like, or you can order just one because that is all you are going to need.