Veloster N Auto X Tune

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Yes... that says Auto X tune because that is what the Veloster N is best used for! 

This is a dedicated tune that I have set up for the purpose of running Auto X or road courses.

Only mod required: HKS spark plugs and premium fuel.

This tune adds 30 to 40 WHP and a very low % of torque to the bottom end. Lets be honest here, the torque levels are possible only create wheel spin, and exactly how much wheel spin do you want in technical autox or road course driving? The factory torque levels are very good, and we add  20-30 ft lbs to that, but the focus is keeping power where its going to be used most on the auto x track, and making sure that the power is linear and on-off throttle transitions are as smooth as possible. 

This is not a drag race tune, this is not a tune you will be using for burnout sessions. Can it burn out, yes but its not a what I would use for doing big smoking burnouts, lol 

It is required for you to send us your ECU, sorry... the spare ECU program requires that I clone your ECU specifics into the spare ECU. I have made several attempts to get the spare ECU program working, and the consistency is not what you deserve, so... cloned on a spare ECU is the only option (we only need the stock ECU for 24 hours at our location). 

All ECU's sent to us are turned around in 24 hours time (hours of operation at the shop). If you send us an ECU and it shows up Friday at noon, it will not be going out till Monday. Please pay attention to shipping holidays also. 

I have been testing this tune for the better part of 2 years now and its been flawless. 

This is what the Veloster N should have come from the factory with, and now you can have that at an affordable price.