Veloster N to Elantra N Turbo Upgrade

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Possibly one of the most affordable and complete upgrades possible for the Velsoter N. Just simply replace the turbo, install our modified hot side pipe, all new gaskets and option in the high flow downpipe, and everything is OEM fitting, OEM quality.

This upgrade with tuning is capable of adding up to 150 to 160 wheel horsepower gains (over stock) and sending the Veloster turbo to 400 + wheel horsepower! 

As with any turbo upgrade there are things that compliment the swap:

Water Methanol
High flow downpipe
Intake (if you do not already have one)
Front mount intercooler

Just bolting this turbo on the car has shown gains up to 20 wheel horsepower, so its a great option for swapping out to when your Veloster N turbo is finally worn out.

This kit is complete with gaskets, turbo, and hardware for install... you will have to add the hot side pipe, downpipe, and tuning to the cart from the website. There are simply to many options for the downpipe, tuning, and intakes for us to bundle these items together.