XClutch 2013-Current BRZ/FRS/86/GR86 10.5in Twin Sprung Organic Clutch Kit

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XClutch performance upgrades have been engineered to provide the ultimate in clutch performance. Utilising the latest pressure plate design and friction material composition.

XClutch upgrades offer the ideal balance between driveability and performance for different vehicle applications. The pivot point and diaphragm design are carefully analysed to ensure positive pedal feel and increased clamping force.

With one of the world's most advanced clutch testing and R&D facilities, in-house vehicle testing and over 30 years of clutch experience, XClutch performance upgrades offer the highest levels of engineering and product development for your street vehicle, 4x4 or dedicated race car.

The XClutch 9 inch kit is one of XClutch's most adaptable kits for performance upgrades and conversions. Offering very high torque capacity and available with organic, ceramic and carbon friction materials, the 9 inch performance clutch is used in high power street cars and race cars around the world.

Designed specifically for high horsepower, street driven vehicles, this 9 inch clutch utilises sprung organic friction discs for excellent driveability whilst reducing shock loading on the transmission in comparison to the rigid style discs also available.